Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day ?

I don't know why, my heart beats just very fast when I saw this ring picture shared in Facebook. "Duku-duku"……(扑通扑通 in korean)… Maybe because my mind is imagining he gives me this hahaha =.= Okok wake up > <

What you expect? My valentine's day post? Haha.. My valentine's is very very good also lah of course but I don't want to let you know oh now ^^

原来…… Everybody is so happy this Valentine's day =)*Pinjam photo ya*

Dine at romantic restaurant.

A flight to London to meet with girlfriend who is pursuing her study overseas.

A "Honey-I-Love-You" chocolate.

Specially take leave and head from Malacca to KL to spend valentine's day with girlfriend together.

A photo album of theirs.

A collage of theirs.

A rose.

A handmade ornament during exam week.

A couple watch. Wow wow *shout* ! Ha..

I like this so much hahha.. ^^

Are you contented?


I like this movie and especially the theme song by Celine Dion. My dear! Bring me watch ok? Haha..


xiaohaw said...

Yeah, I saw mine, wish you had a happy Valentine's day. ^^

Yew said...

The flight ticket is departed on Jun from Malaysia and back from London on Aug....haha!!!

QIN said...

Haha a good present for her! Happy Valentine's Day to you too ;D

QIN said...

I know~ But it is purchased and shown on Valentine's Day what. Don't you think that is really a big good present for the long distance couple? :D

Yew said...

should fly over there on valentine's day~^^

Shanntui said...

i just noe u pinjam my pic~ hahahaha =)

QIN said...

HAHa terima kasih! ;D