Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back to the Life Happening

The thing I like to do the most ESPECIALLY during final revision week is the thing that suppose can be done only when you have free time but I always and pian-piannnnn and never fail to act in the opposite way XD Ya, updating blog is one of the things ;))))

I actually don't quite like to expose to the public what have been carried out with me recently because I do not even know who have accessed to my blog, seen my life happening and pictures. I thought to lock my blog as a mean of internal control (zzz study too much). However, this will cause inconvenience to some people especially those who do not have a blogger account. So, I will just leave it public. Well, think the positive side, at least it will be easier for me to do advertising here, if any. HaHaHa.

And I decide to remove the so-called "friend" (we don't actually know or see each other in real life or we don't actually contact) of my facebook. If you are one of them, I'm so sorry for that >.<

I met with 2 of my best friends before the semester ends. One of the places we visit is the newly opened ice dessert shop named Big Bowl the City of Ice 大碗公冰城. It is located few shops away from well known Melaka Capitol Satay Celup.

My overall "utility" is not that high. I prefer Ice Town 冰临城下 located at Kota Laksamana somehow. The environment is so much better than here (sorry Big Bowl the City of Ice). Some more Ice Town provides Taiwan foods, western foods and some drinks. I like the ice dessert there more too.

Anyway, the dessert here is quite okay also lar, it depends on what kind of ice dessert you order. This is 绵绵冰, but I like 雪花冰 better. They are 2 different ice desserts ok! By the way, if you want to come here, come with a gang, try the main attraction (the 30times size of big bowl ice). I heard that if 2 persons can manage to finish the big bowl ice, they will free one for you. HaHa siao, medical fees also not enough lol ;D

Haha. No cosmetic on my face ok. I don't like to apply any foundation or bb cream. The cell of my face will suffocate can! Some more if applied, it's more like a mask than the real you. It is just me who don't like so no offence to the pretties who like to put the make up on the faces.


May our good friendship will be sustained even after we graduate especially the one who go one year faster than us. To another best friend of mine, though we don't meet often and take photo, your place in my heart is still stable ok!  Haha..