Sunday, June 20, 2010


my family and me again, went to beach today. zZz except my brother.. yea Klebang Beach =.=more like a desert than a beach..... winds made me look like a crazy woman @.@ hahhh...

most of the time i held the camera xD time to improve my photography skills =) thank you for your teaching though i still don't satisfy with my masterpiece ^^ you teach me a lot seriously~

ah pa, Happy Father's Day!! :D so happy that you like the present we bought i realize that it has been many years i never hug you like what i did today.. thank you :') i love you, Dad..

this is the greatest mistake i did =.=legs had been cut  (>﹏<)

i look small right? love this photo the most..

to Dad,

❀ i am always a kid in his bosom ❀

just like what you can see in the picture.


Chia Han said...

Thumbs for your image composition... Keep it up... ^^

QIN said...