Friday, June 4, 2010


let's watch at Melaka again xD sounds "sua gu" (>﹏<) haha.. i was attracted by someone's photography in Facebook.. i just like the feeling he brought from the photos :D

ok seriously, i rarely praise people's photography.. so ar.. can you expect how good will the photos be? *lol sounds so high the way of judging? bluek haha..*

hmm.. i know some of you are still improving your skills. so, this might be a good reference for you ;) [i dunno oh if the owner charges you for the copyright xD]

7.44 am

7.46 am

7.54 am

7.55 am

7.56 am

7.59 am

8.01 am

8.09 am

8.18 am

8.28 am

8.31 am

nice? feel to explore Melaka again after viewing these photos.. thumbs ^^

more other photos at here : 

(i) Everywhere

(ii) Cameron Highland

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