Sunday, March 27, 2011


Bohhh oh oh finally a post without any picture ahha.. I know you want to press [X] ohhkkk press press don't shy ;) bye bye XD

I went for grave cleaning this early morning. I just realize, I am already a grandmother!!!!! Seriously no joking, a real grandmother. Haiya 堂姑婆 (Tang gu po).. Anyone knows what does that call in English? I have three grandchildren omg @@ The eldest is now 1.5 years old. Wahh so old already meh me hhhhhhahaha XD

I always have a lot of thoughts in mind which I don't really express them out here or should I say I never? *Except venting my anger lol* I am fierce I know @@

I don't understand.. I wonder why.. Why why why.. I know I am kepo and for you information, I always stalk people hhhaha so don't think I don't know what is happening to you sometimes ;D Back to the topic, why those couple who obviously love each other, they still want to break up because of some small matters? I am an outsider, yes I may not know what is exactly happening but I am just being curious.

You get yourself into a relationship with someone else isn't just because you like or love your tea in the first place? Before you get into a relationship, I bet you are just not willing to hurt him or her. Do I get it wrong? However, thing goes the opposite way after you accept your partner. You hurt your beloved either intentionally or unintentionally. You might tell me because you care your gf or bf a lot, I don't care. If it is like that, why not just stay single in the beginning? Isn't better to maintain the dubious relationship? At least both sides won't get any hurt.

Just a little thought of mine lar. Please do not break up at anytime you like or as often as possible unless you really seriously find that he or she is not suitable for you and that's the best way to solve the problem. Otherwise, don't make it. Partner is meant to be appreciated and loved, bear in mind.

One more thing, don't always tear for love issue though I know I did almost daily because I was STUPID mahhh who never? Lasted the longest one month only laaa. For what you tear always leh? Don't want then get him/her back larh. *Okok it is easier said than done* Pffftttt whatever. Love is awesome, OK?

Some of you might think that something must have happened on me CHOYYY touch wood meh!!*# I am baik-baik belaka with him don't worry. Han is just nice for me :) He understands me etc. I have been very happy and xing fu having my beloved by my side. Don't jealous xD I know you don't =.=

I find myself getting uglier and uglier the elder I am +____+ Ah...

That's it for today. Gotta chiao for something else tata~~

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