Saturday, March 12, 2011

It Is…… Saturday!

Yea Saturday, meant to rest for a student hehe.. By the way secondary school students start to have 1-week-holiday already. Good news for them but not me haha.. Just hope that my brother doesn't watch PPStream at home or else I can't do anything T___T I guess he wouldn't ^^ HELLO younger sister you theng dou mei ? Jangan watch!! xD Watch it when I'm not at home haha~~ ;P

Saturday must go out, don't hide at home. Why? You want to be otaku (get from google) "zhai nan" 宅男? What about girl 宅女? Google translator gives me "female house" wor. Lol...

Yiiyea we went out to have dinner =D

*Didn't edit photos okay? Just added frame and date ^^*

Don't play play baby fetches me know :P The youngest driver in the world!!! ^^

Reached the restaurant. Cousin's cousin, meaning my far cousin haha. Not very far lar..
Clever boy reading menu with parents ;)

"He knows to read (play actually) menu I also not bad. I know to act golden fish mouth!!"
Hehe cute or not?
You must say cute. SAY.....xD

My share is high wakaka ;D

"Why you take away my toy? I tell your mama.."

I held the camera of course no photo of mine lah. So just babies' lar okie? ^___^

Yerrr you see the baby. He is glutton lar seriously. Keep watching foods (not only today). This is the evidence! Hahh..

Sweat, don't say him tam jiak 贪吃 (greed to eat???). My mummy said me FAT again T_________T
Want me to keep fit again ar means?

Heading to Aeon JJ ! Nice family portrait but sad case, DARK.
I don't know how to make it brighter @@ but anyway I still love this photo not bluffing =D

A closer look of my far cousin. Haiyaa far what far, cousin also lar in short :)
Leng zai also hor?
I want cute children too!! In the future ^^

Very fun meh take lift +_____+????? By the way nice smile ya baby =D

We were helping aunt to choose sheet.
Baby : I am good son OK..

"Ah. Mummy you want to buy curtain or not?"
Note :【This is my mama not his】

"I help you see see see harr.."

I just realize silk sheet & pillow bag are comfortable wor -_____- because mine aren't but honestly they are very expensive. Hmm I want to save money for my silk sheet & pillow bag next time after marrying. Tak jadi ar then get money from my husband lah hhhahahaa~ Must have good sleep!! ;D

Driving fake car o(>﹏<)o Pacifier ;P

A happy day! Sayang giraffe~~ Next time I come again ^^

Totally not doing anything the whole day. I guess the rest is enough, need to start engine already after I wake up so goodbye goodnight! ^^ Sleep tight……


Yew said...

It's funny!~haha!!!

QIN said...

HHHhaa.. Is so chubby his cheek! ;D

Yew said...

yala!~please help me cubit his cheek behalf of me~wuahaha!

QIN said...

Everytime I see him sure I pinch and kiss his cheekkkkkk xD~