Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Signs The Guy Isn't For You

About my birthday thingy, postpone ok? Hhahha lazy le plenty of photos. I have replacement class at night LAH today so not intending to stay up late just to update about it. *Because I need at least 1 hour to compose a post (excluding picking photos)* and yeah I'd promised my love to adjust back my sleeping time.

I found a good article at MSN page and I think some of you might have interest on it. This is just maybe a guidance k don't take it MAX serious and constantly think about and eventually raise an issue that would end up *pianggggggg* with love. Ok I'm over let's don't beat about the bush.


The saying 'love is blind' is often used to describe anything associated with love. Let's be honest, love does make you blind, but only towards what is happening in the relationship. And when this happens, you will start to make excuses for any bad behavior because you think you are in love with him, and as long as he is happy, you are too. Happiness as defined generally is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure or joy. And when you lack any one of these feelings, you, my friend, may not be as happy as you think you are.
So here are 10 signs he's just not right for you.

He gets annoyed whenever you are emotional
This is a situation where he would either get really annoyed or pay no attention to you when you're being emotional, at a vulnerable state or just being plain sensitive towards him. It's even worse when you're actually telling him that he's hurting you in some way and he looks at you as if you are the world's most annoying thing he has ever seen or as if you're speaking in a language he can't understand.

He makes you feel as if everything is your fault and puts you down constantly
He blames you for anything and everything that goes wrong. He blames you if his clothes are not ironed, when the car ran out of fuel, because he's unemployed and the list goes on. Technically, he's blaming you for everything that went wrong even if it's something that is totally out of your circle of control. If that's not bad enough, he puts you down for just being who you are, when in fact he is supposed to love you for who you really are. He thinks that by putting you down he could change you from who you are to what he wants you to be, and if that is the case, then he really doesn't deserve you and is definitely not the one.

He hits you
Whether it's a slap on the face or a shove towards the wall, it is still physical abuse. Physical abuse does not have to leave visible bruises, as long as he hurts you physically in any way, it amounts to physical abuse.

He cheats on you
Remember the phrase 'once a cheater, always a cheater'? Well there's no true or false to that saying because everyone deserves a second chance but shouldn't that make you question his commitment to the relationship?

It's just sex
When all there is to the relationship is sexual intercourse, and the only intimacy that exists between you is in the bedroom. Sexual connection is not wrong, but if that is the only common ground he shares with you then what is there to the relationship?

He controls you
It's no harm if he knows where you are, what are you doing or who you're with, but if he restricts you just cause he wants to without a reason, then he is controlling you. A relationship should be based on trust, thus if he's controlling you, the relationship wouldn't work because he's stopping you from living your life.

Your friends don't like him and vice versa
Your friends would be people who know you well, which means that they might pick up signs which you may miss. Everyone has their own view of things, but not all of them will suit you, but the least you should do is think about it. While doing this it is very important to be honest with yourself.

He's a cry baby
Venting once in a while after a bad day is fine, but if he whines and complains about anything and everything all the time and is always being negative about things around him then it's bad for you. When you are constantly with a negative person, you would become as negative as he is and it will affect you personally.

He's selfish and inconsiderate
He doesn't care about your needs, and it's only about him all the time. For example, after a long day of work you see him and all he does is talk about his day without even considering to ask you how was yours, if you've eaten or what do you want to do. Communication in a relationship is often underrated when it is actually the most important thing.

There's no give and take
A relationship involves two people, it needs input of both the people involved - just as how you need two hands to clap. It's a give and take situation, if your guy is having problems then you should be his pillar of support and vice versa. But if only one person has to be the pillar of support throughout the relationship then that person will eventually be drained and exhausted and that pillar would just tumble down.

So those are the 10 signs that he's not right for you. There is no one out there who can really tell you whether or not someone is right for you; you're the one who really knows what's going on in your relationship. As long as you are happy then he may be the one for you, just remember: you would want someone who you can grow with and not someone who brings you down, someone who loves you for who you really are and not someone you'd have to rearrange your life for to suit his.

Errr 10 signs that he's just not right for you... I often see people writing about guy, what about girl? Where is 10 signs that she's just not right for you?