Saturday, October 22, 2011

Birthday Outings

Holiday ends but my holiday mood haven't leave yet. I don't know why I just want to delay this post Zzz. Okay let's start from morning first then.

My birthday of course none other than going paktoh hhahaha.. Thanks my love.

His camera good but model bad XD I mean the photo model not camera model. Not photogenic lar this > < I think I shall wear spectacles more next time okay he fulfilled my wish again by having a photo with me. He is my super good man =D Yes my man, not boy.

By the time I reached home, I changed clothes, took my bag and then went to attend ground breaking ceremony of Academic of Han Studies. Sorry baby not managed to spend more time with you > < After puas seeing professor hhahaa we went Nadeje! 

*Open one eye close one eye* also know which flavour is mine LAH if you follow my blog all this while lol...

With my BS buddy! Yeah president belanja birthday girl sit center XD Tq zhuxi you're very good! Haha...

They chop their lips on my face @@  Haha.

We were laughing over.....forgotten. This is so natural!

Dining at Amigo! That kid's looking menu @@ He flipped front and back. I ask him which ice-cream you want boy? (two-scoop or banana boat) and he pointed me the banana boat (three scoop+2 bananas+egg rolls)!!! Pandai you.

Me!!!!! Hhhahaha crazy.

My younger sister & brother! Sorry don't look alike. Neither 4 of us X.X
I wanted to take a photo of my little cute cousin and you know what he did?
He kept waving hands and making noise as a sign not to capture him! Seeeeee!!! ↓↓↓↓↓

Then, another group people we used to crazy before course torn us apart but still quite good now though different courses!!! They JIO me out few days after my day over. We went Sushi King @@ OK I'm still very regret and guilty for wasting little bit of foods because I don't waste foods all this while!! I was too full to finish the set meal I ordered and honestly frankly the price just worth the quantity & quality presented I swear! Very guilty lar I thought about those Africa children who suffer from starvation when I couldn't finish it. I forced myself to eat the portion left but sadly I just managed to minimize it to 10%  =( Next time bring dear there, can feed him fat fat hhahahha wait I kaya first XD WAIT I rich because now near to CNY so cannot ^^

*Don't want to wait my friend to send me the photos liao because I requested few days ago. So just the photos from my handphone!!!

Bravo bright place is a nice place to self capturing hhhahaha seeeee weakness unseen ;P I seldom self photo-ing already eh nowadays. I simply add effects inside and eventually I find the 1960's effect is quite nice!!! ↑↑↑↑↑

My best friend!

Another round will be next week! Outing, not Sushi King. Okkkk end here. I lazy liao hhhahaa... GOodnights! :D


Mr Lonely said...

so xing fu~ envy~

shien said...

like!! =D cantik! and hoong ie very cute hahahaha. btw, original flavor right?! *walk away banggaly*

QIN said...

Mr.Lonely haha you can be as xing fu as me! It depends on how you think and! Mix with more people yea you ^ ^ Don't always alone~

Shien bangga what? You sound dilemma le!("right?!") Lol cantik which cantik? ;P YEshy especially when he walks, damn cute! ;D

shien said...

all also cantik =) my answer correct lorrrrrrr...cannot bangga eh now? hey...u should be bangga cause i still remember also le! haha

QIN said...

You cannot remember I....slap you lightly XD Takdalar sayang sayang hhhhahahaha yeshy BANGGA AKU... ;P