Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alor Gajah NS Camp Talk Giving

*Photos took from friend

For the current activity, we went to Alor Gajah NS Camp for a talk. Not listening, but giving. Of course I ain't the one who spoke lar!

Yea as you know, 2nd batch of students are harder to control as if compare to 1st batch. At first it was totally like what we predicted.

But when the talk went longer and longer with recreation session set in, the condition was totally different.

Yea! I was responsible for the entertaining session haha. No idea why my hairstyle turned out to be like this, ugly. Hehh and the shirt is so big on me! No choice, smallest size liao but comfortable =)

See! Class monitor said that it is rare to see the students paying attention in class. The talk ended awesomely with good co-operation from them, contrast! Great success we did! Jia you our team!

Glad to hear that they are looking forward for our next coming. I feel quite encouraging when I know about this because my health was actually not in a good condition.



Mr Lonely said...

take care..

QIN said...

Thank you for your concern :)