Tuesday, June 14, 2011

《The Step of Buddha 》 Night Show Trailer

Yeap yea!! I am currently now busy for this event. Please watch our promotion video!!~

Hehe I'm inside ^^

Corrected : 7pm seat taking 入席

Below are some words in case you do not understand :

过堂 — 佛门中的“吃饭”

出坡 — 佛门中的“劳动”

禅修 — Meditation

Everything we do has a reason behind but not all are showing in detailed words so... COME!!!!! We will show you on 8th July 2011 at Wisma SKE of Malacca 马六甲释迦院大厦 :D Entrance fees will be RM3. Only! Haha..

Let's practice 3-goods-campaign together like what you are shown in some parts of the video yea! ^^ 请大家一起实践三好运动吧!

做好事 Do good things
说好话 Speak good words
存好心 Think good thoughts


Jeannie said...

nice video! :D urm need ticket to go? if yes how much?

QIN said...

Hehe thank you jeannie!! Yeap, RM3 :D Come come~ haha ;P

shien said...

LOLLLLLLLL...very cute eh that video. and the music also. hahahah...since when u know how to fly ah? since when?

QIN said...

I always come out cute things 1 mah now you only know meh hhhahha.. Don't keh keh, next time I fetch you oteh?!! Ehhhe..

Jeannie said...

ooo icic. Erm how to get the ticket? I try ajak my other fren if can :)

QIN said...

Okie 随缘~ Welcome you to attend ^^ Our committee will be selling the ticket very soon. You can also get the ticket directly from me! Hope to see you! Hehe ^^

Yew said...

nice video!!!

asamlaksa_fan said...

hey peikin! is this talk in mandarin or english?

QIN said...

Yew, Thank you!! ^^

Asamlaksa_fan, Hello! :D May I know who are you? :) This isn't a talk but a show performance. We have bilingual emcees while the show will be presented in Mandarin with English subtitle ^^

asamlaksa_fan said...

lol I'm Wendy(mgss) haha I see..