Thursday, September 8, 2011

500 Arhats

For the first time we had task free outing, our driver is so bravo his driving skills & speeds that our journey had got shorten by half. However, we still do social interaction and learning for society future benefit though it was just simply fun.

We reached there with empty stomach so definitely first station is none than MAKAN. Slurrppp!

Full House! The foods are just do not worth hhahaha well hmm, they sell for environment actually. Why no 10% discount? I see J-Card holder can have 10% deduction wor the writer lies or you? @@ Oklar the staff aren't bad, keep going!

Too bad no girl, a little more to go perfect! Next, KLCC! Sad case cry, book exhibition finished no more and that's the purpose we went there -___- Instead of going around shopping, most of the people chose to enter Petrosains. It was 8 years back since the last time I went, good that I see some improvement but bad luck, some instruments or objects are under maintenance, one of them is helicopter!

Who is this? I mean the one at the right @@ I cannot recognise history character. The one at the left however, he seems like having constipation problem HAHHAHA...

Whysofat. Mining! Quite exciting and is the real shovel (from Google) exactly same as this fake one? That's pretty easy! I can handle it well in less than 3 minutes =D

My sister is always the cute one in the picture! Is experiencing high level earthquake that enjoyable? Disaster free citizen like Malaysian, we are funny, people see earthquake as a disaster yet because we never experience before so we are exciting to try on it  #.# Ouh choy!

Look at her again! :D Being fooled~~~ Cannon POM!

There's a pulse rate testing instrument, I am quite curious how does it work. I forgot to capture the instrument, ah! Mine beats 60+ per second but my friends told me theirs 100+ per second! I thought I am abnormal until I get this information :

Ehhem you all abnormal OK! ;P I actually tried to think my bf to test any effect shows. I imagined his face, his smiling, the rest next time continue. Amazingly my heart beats raised to 80 ❤ then I let go my hands already.

Our tickets! Don't need to count I tell you straight, 9 people. Why now only I realise less one ticket @@

Not staying for long, we rushed to The Mines for the 500 Arhats Buddhist Heritage Expo 五百罗汉佛教文物展. All are in gold. "No Photo!" T___T "We have professional photographer ^____________^" Seriously professional I was amazed by the photos taken, that's the boundary I want to reach. Haha. Dreaming -___- Anyway, not cheap. Otherwise, I wanted to have a picture with the Arhats that has the fate with me. Let me tell you! I am quite surprise for the Arhat I got out of 500 Arhats is our Buddha's grandfather haha 狮子颊尊者. There's an advice for me : "做好事不能少我一人,做坏事不能多我一人"……

Can't take photo actually. “做坏事不能多我一人” > < Those gold colour things are the arhats (罗汉). 

There's a century God table, made from Millenary trees. It is placed in front of an Arhat called 师子臆尊者. The mystical thing is that the table will spin or rotate to the left or right when you ask the arhat. Yes? To the right and left for "no". The precondition is that you have to eat vegetarian for at least 3 days or the table will move unless you have the fate with the Arhat though you do not eat vegetarian. Seriously no lying the table will rotate! I saw the happenings by my naked eyes standing near to a master who was asking questions.

The wishing trees cantik! That's all for internal capture, don't want to break rules more. The fact is I'd broken it -____- However, we are still allowed to take picture outside the exhibition! Bad, my digital camera > < OK start to prefer dear's camera already after so much of sticking with it @@

Last station again we flee to Cyber MMU to join their buddhist society potluck! Yummeh~~ Save money for dinner huh?! XD

Two presidents! One for Malacca campus one for Cyber. Standing that one, 客串 hhhhahhahaa.. Nola he is our kind, responsible and helpful Exco, double Liang! =D

Hello long time no seeee Cyber Buddhist Society Exco!

The girls who joined minus me from picture. Sad. Copy and paste my head beside my sister xD Sickening > <

This is seriously qian da.

Gift from them! Nice idea, made just from 5 circles =)

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