Thursday, September 1, 2011

Enjoy The Essay

I actually thought to have a close up picture with Jillian & Jeannie but I was just too shy to ask for one because that's the first time we meet in real life and her bf is there @@ Lol. I have a thinking after coming back. This often happen to me when people have a long chat with me or someone tells me a story/life happening.

She mentions :"I only show you what I want to show" in her blog. I quite agree to this hhhahaha because do you see any negative happening I story here (other than I acted emotionally or stupidly in the previous relationship by "begging" ex back) or any ugly photo of mine? Let me make an exception today by talking one of my thinkings then (Which usually I only show in my private chinese blog), of course, I won't make thing clear because it involves other parties.

I know something which I suppose to expect it to be but I just never think too much so hmm.. Anyway I will keep it to myself because personally I don't think it is good to spread. Yesterday my Malay neighbour played fireworks and that's their business. They purposely threw the fireworks in front of my house "POP!!!* (can deaf!). Okay so we didn't voice out just let them be (not that we are afraid of them). So one day, we fought back against their ridiculous actions. I still remember a sentence the fellow said :"You chinese pray and the smell of jolstick fly to my house everyday but we never complain even once!" HELLO ABANG, SINCE WHEN OUR TOPIC HAS GOT SOMETHING TO DO WITH RELIGION ISSUE? Screw you Racist.

I have a devil thought :"Will a firework accidentally shoot backward one day and explode at their own house causing something bad to happen (like their plant is burnt LOL)?" OKAY so this is really bad then another angel knocks my mind and tells me :"Girl, Buddha stresses on Mercy, a Buddhism shouldn't have this kind of bad thought and you should or should practice a good heart always." In the end, I remind myself not to be so bad by cursing people invisibly.

People say, "once friend, forever friend". Do you think this is true? In my life, I never never NEVERRRRRRR unfriend with a friend I know except to a human. Let's make that person to be E. It's hard to explain the incident here. I severely feel that it is strongly dangerous to stay near to E due to the past incident. For me, that is quite a serious case. I don't want to touch anything relates to E or even mix with the friends E knows well or good with.

Let me remind you, you are listening to one side story now. For the people who tell own story, they confirm protect themselves don't they? I myself do not encourage people to listen to one side story so I never stress that I am fully correct and what I say is the truth. That's my point of view at least and it's your choice whether to give a trust on my words. I never expect that E would twist the truth and put the blame on me for the cause of the happening. Anyway, sincerely I still hope that E can live well now. Don't worry, from yesterday onwards, I always remind myself not to have bad thought on the person I don't like.

Thank you all for today Jillian..! Ohhhh aahh don't tell anyone! Because you know.... > < I want a peaceful life hhah.. Serious one ok! > < Not to forget to Jeannie as well hehe for the new knowledge! :D

Photo from Jeannie
Cheese, Strawberry Chocolate, Banana Chocolate, Mango Yogult!
Sadddd no original flavour cry :'( ;P

No joint photo leh picture isn't with me hahahhha. Best of luck yea UK study!


Mr Lonely said...

wah ~~ how much neh? @@

QIN said...

The price is based on the flavour. Those above are RM9++ per piece.