Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eric & Lydia 11/9/11

Our friend, Lydia's once in a lifetime big day!

:: 7am in the morning ::

Heng dai, brothers! Eat eat eat, energy is required to help bridegroom.

Sisters! Brothers, you will be tortured ;]

First of all, underpant for brothers!

Add ahhhh add add add. Egg + wax gourd water + lime powder + (I don't know what else, janji a lot)
:: Disgusting > < ::

Wasabi for brothers to brush teeth!

Chilli padi & wasabi mooncakes for brothers……

Pretty bride is ready! =D

They reached!

The door is locked!

First challenge : Cabut ahhhh xD

Eating banana……

Get signatures from neighbours & passerby...


Some of the sisters are inside. Not bad ma at least I still have a photo of mine haha..

:: Continue ::

He gets her =)

One more family member added!

Sista! Partial……

Wish them to grow old together joyfully. Happy Wedding!

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Mr Lonely said...

wow ~ looks like many people wedding nowadays~