Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Advance Birthday Song For Little Cousin

The last video of my loving cousin before his party. I guess people will hate me as I keep on posting about him hhhhahaha what to do because personally I think he is way more attractive than me. Correccccttttttttt?

He likes birthday song!!!!!
Goyang goyang goyang~~~~~

Of course we don't sing for fun. Today is his lunar birthday!

Not his cake =)But my uncle's ^^

He didn't want to wear, so I fool him with something ;P

Seeee.. Guai guai & happy already! he forgot there's something on his head actually ;)

Wonder what I tempt him?

Gotcha! He was watching at his video hhhahah for your info,
he likes his video ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ very much huh!

A most miserable thing happened on me today, it involved large sum of money. Bouh! Wasted a lot of time of mine to solve. Somehow, I still worry for the progress as long as it is still doesn't completely solved. It will be fine. Yea, it will, don't be panic.

Next post is about the trip with MMU Buddy! =D Till then, fly a kiss!

Muuuax! Tadah~ O-yasumi nasai!


Yew said...

Yes, he is more attractive than you~wuahaha!~
He is so happily staring at the birthday cake~He is so cute!!!

shien said...

OMG! abunenenene?! hahahaha HOONG IE ABUNENE k! =DDD. goyang goyanggggggg~ @.@

QIN said...

Yew, Haha adorable right! He looks very cute while smiling especially the cake photos :D

Shien, Yesh abunene!!! Hahahhh can't imagine what is going to happen when a group of people sing birthday song for him next week~~

shien said...

LOL, video it downnnnnnnn, i want see!his leg so tembammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! got spring O.O feel like want web cam with him again leeeeeeee, wahahaha...that time he looks quite happy, fei dwit dwit;wat luet luet!wooooo~ me like "sek mo" ><

QIN said...

Of course I will video it! Haha.. Got chance I let you webcam with him lagi but gonna jaga him abit d because he is more active now. Later he beats my laptop then habis my keyboard! @@ Hhhhahaha this isn't call sek mo lar aduh~