Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cute's 1-Year-Old Party!

I was walking alone, heading to my class then somebody pulled me inside to support the campaign. Oh so yeap, my picture ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ The hat isn't mine > <

hhahahah like it? Not forcing anyway, vote yea if you like ^^ 2 steps will do!

and then

Weeeeee of course I still hope you can click "like" lah hhahah ;D 

Let's proceed to the birthday party night of my little cute cousin. 1 years old at last! ^_^

Ohman boy, your shoes is more expensive than mine @@

This is his "geram" look! Lol..

Handsome boy! His cousin, another cousin of mine too..

I don't even have sunglasses for myself  > <  Super cool yo kid, one of his presents! 
Aunt is pretty =D This is my most favourite photo of the day~

The second picture I like the most after the most favourite one..!

Uniform weh ;D

Happy family yea? I want to have this kinda picture for myself too le.
Ahhem* Helo dear? I am hinting you hhhahah..
Relaxx. No stress.

回头一眸?Is she and me look alike?

Apart from young children, there were senior citizen too.
Busy gossiping or concerning? Anything, kai xin jiu hao :D

Ini dua orang apa pasal sama expression. Eat eat eat xD

They haven't ready yet! The woman was pulling another son of her to come in screen ;P
You know, I like this kind of photo sometimes. It looks more natural what don't you think so? :)

Lol. What? Long time no seeeeee Mr.Poong. Nice to see you again on that party :D
Yellow set. I support Digi mah ;P Yellow was my favourite colour when I was still small.
I don't have any favourite colour for now, but I think I slightly prefer white more than others.
It depends on what's the stuff actually.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to youuu~
I told you he likes birthday song. I told you. I told you I told you -___- This is what I can always hear in my Taxation lecture.
Yea, his face tells everything.

Fuhhhh.. Tak sabar-sabar wanted to touch the cake > <

Finish! I didn't take much photos that day like up to 1,000 pictures @@ Thanks my love, for the thingys and your trust. Choppppp stamp a mouth shape on your cheek ^^

The next day? Meaning that it's the time to open the presents!!!!! Aha..

Kai wan xiao. He received further much more many presents than I received on my birth date lol.

Cutie, nanti dulu... Mama opened for you okie?

This is so cute haha. See the tail :) ;) =) :D ;D =D :P ;P =P

Tiger or cow? Muuuuu you belong to tiger boy but you wear cow attire duh?


*Need to do homework lio > <*


Mr Lonely said...

nice ~

chishen said...

lol...i like the photo of shoes.

QIN said...

Mr.Lonely, :)

Chi Shen, aha me too but I prefer the one at Fb.

chishen said...

yes...fb 1 guess comment at my blog b4...