Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Surprise from BS

My friend asked to have a drink so when I was about to go out, BS gang came! I was in the toilet at that moment xD I thought it was something else they wanted to tell so after coming out from toilet, I just grabbed my bag and walked out without having any further thinking.

Just imagine people start to sing when you seriously don't know the presence of them OMG I was like!

Luckily there's no camera in front. Otherwise people are going to laugh me until they graduate from Uni xD

The first surprise I have never had. They succeed! It's kinda like the Christmas atmosphere but they sing sweet songs, not Christmas songs ^^ Touched!* Before that they still hid at somewhere near my house which is quite dark to practice. They sing "tian mi mi" for me!!!!! Is that meaning that I am a sweet person to them? Hhahha :D

Spread the happiness is a great job, lovey!

Happy is in the air~

Anyone is not in the right mood now? Let me joy you and share some happiness they give it to me by giving you guys to watch something ^^

You will know what is going on if you watch the mv before. Haha. Ohyeah Jason Ong you are always our love one. Keep going, looking forward to the coming activity ;D

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