Monday, August 1, 2011

She cares me

Last time, I always think that my mum pilihhhh kasih (childish). Whenever my sister had problem or was injured, she cared her veryyyyyy much but not me. Why not me? =( Sobs...

*Why oh why tell me why not me~~??? Why oh why~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* (Why not me by Enrique Iglesias)

I jealous.

Until recent, I have another thinking instead. She will cook or reach me the foods everytime I told her what I want to eat. There are so many ways of pampering and I guess, this is the way she cares me, sayang me! Maybe she thinks that I am strong enough to bear the pain or encounter problem faced. However I know, she still treats me as a kid =) Every mother does. And I am still a kid, truth, because I don't think I am mature enough.

Few days ago, I told her :

"miii ar, quite a long time you never make sweet flour liao hor?" (Hinting her LOL)

"eh miii, you want to eat putu piring or not? I very gien ehhh, long time never eat already. Don't know got open or not today, hehe..." (Last Saturday)

cry... She cooked me this morning before I went to work and at night, she went to buy putu piring with papa waiting together. Touched touched. Hugs~ *Wipe tears~* I am so happy! ^^ My happiness can be so simple! Thank youuuuuu papa mami lub uuuuuiiii ;P Haha.

Putu piring!
AAAAAhhahha!! @@ Ish~ I feel fat again, my tummy swells.

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hahaha so beautiful how simple things in life can make someone happy! :) i craving for putu piring now d. :/ hehe!